Teach For Indonesia

About us
Teach for Indonesia (TFI) encourages the development of education and community expertise to be accessible for everyone,and we are contributing to support our community with the opportunity to maximize their potential to excel in the future years by organizing: tutoring program, workshop event, certification training and scholarship, and many more.

Why volunteer?
Our community service programs are based on volunteerism and donation from the community.In addition, as a non-profit organization, we believe that full transparency of our expenses is essential. All of the donations and contributions that we receive from individuals, groups,and organizations, will only be used for the realization of our program.

Our commitment is to be consistent in our principles and values of our program and activity. We are concerned and aware of the difficulties to access formal education for some people; and so, we provide community care program and training in order to improve the quality of life of Indonesians. Furthermore, we need your participation to help and support us to accomplish our objectives.

Community Development and Mentoring
Education is the first step to broaden our horizons and knowledge of the world. For that reason, TFI always begins it’s programs with education as the fundamental basis of the community development.

TFI is an organization for everyone who has an initiative and a commitment to create a better living environment and improve quality of life for Indonesians through informal education. We have a responsibility to maintain our bond with our community and appreciate every contribution and commitment that we receive. Please be informed that all of our project activities and expenses can be tracked through our website at www.teachforindonesia.org, and we are going to keep you updated.

More information, please visit  us: Teach For Indonesia  and Community Services Guide