Graduates Attributes are the quality or skills that need to be gained by the graduates and need to be developed by the graduates when they are at the higher educational institutions. Qualities acquired by the graduates prepare them for their future undertakings (Bowden et al., 2000).


  1. GLOBAL STANDARD TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES : the ability to fulfill or pass all courses in curriculum.
  2. DIGITAL & TECHNOLOGY FLUENCY : the ability to interpret information and communicate idea effectively and ethically in digitally connected world, use relevant technology to construct meaning, and to create something.
  3. APPLIED MANAGEMENT SKILLS : a practical ability to build effective communication and to show excellent work through structured and systematic planning and organizing.
  4. CRITICAL & CREATIVE THINKING : ability to generate, evaluate and analyze information, clarify concepts and ideas, seek possibilities, act and reflect, consider alternatives, and solve problems.
  5. ADAPTABILITY : the willingness and ability to make appropriate cognitive, behavioral, and affective responses to uncertain and novel situations.
  6. INITIATIVE : the behavior characterized by self-starting, proactive and persistence in overcoming barriers and setbacks.
  7. GROWTH MINDSET : belief that principal qualities can be cultivated through efforts, strategies, and help from others.
  8. COLLABORATION : a process through which parties who see different aspects of a problem (or issue) can constructively explore their differences and search for solutions that go beyond their own limited vision of what is possible.
  9. SOCIAL AWARENESS : the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures, to understand acceptable social and ethical norms, and to recognize family, school, and community resources and supports.