Teach For Indonesia

What we do?

We are most effective and productive when we are working together with our partners to achieve our dreams, so that we welcome individuals or groups of all sizes and abilities to volunteer and support our programs.

Our partners can contribute to do extraordinary things in the lives of others by participating as:

  • A donator to fit in the needs of our community by donating appropriate second hand books, clothes, electronic devices or household appliances.
  • A volunteer to teach lessons that last a lifetime.


1. Education Volunteer

Our tutoring program is designed for elementary and junior high-school students of all skill levels. Our lessons are: Mathematics, English, and general knowledge.

Time and place: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM Anggrek Campus, Bina Nusantara University, Kemanggisan-West Jakarta.

  • Our schedule on Tuesday
    First elementary
    Fourth elementary
    First junior high school students.
  • Our schedule on Wednesday
    Second elementary
    Five elementary
    Second junior high school students.
  • Our schedule on Thursday
    Third elementary
    Sixth elementary
    Third junior high school students.


2. Social Volunteer for natural disaster and community service

3. Creative Thinker