iBuddy program is created to support our International Students at BINUS to adapt with BINUS, Jakarta and Indonesia.

Why is it important?
Remember your first time at BINUS? Many of you were lost and had to settle on your own. For many international students, being in Indonesia might be their first time experience living abroad. They have to leave their family, friends and everything familiar to them behind. In Indonesia, they will need to make new friends, gain a lot of new information, learn how to get around and even learn a new language. It surely can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. But you can help them create an easier and smoother stay simply by volunteering to become a Buddy. You can provide a friendly face and a helping hand to make a world of difference for our international students.

  • Active BINUS Student
  • Personable
  • Empathetic
  • Service-oriented
  • Knowledge of Campus and Jakarta
  • Speaks decent English. Able to speak another foreign language is a plus
  • BINUS Square boarders and IO STARS are preferred but others are also welcome to apply
  • Having a new international friend
  • Exposure to a new culture, which is important in this more increasingly global society
  • Broaden your horizon
  • Becoming an ambassador of BINUS and Indonesia
  • Practice your English or another foreign language
  • And so much more
  • Getting in touch with your Buddy even before arrival
  • Welcoming and saying goodbye
  • Sharing information about Binus, Jakarta and Indonesia
  • Showing your Buddy around Campus
  • Giving direction to your Buddy on how to get around
  • Teaching your Buddy basic and useful Indonesian words/phrases
  • Taking them to places of interests (when schedule permits)
  • Regular communication
iBuddy for Semester Application Deadline
Odd (Fall) Semester 30 July
Even (Spring) Semester 30 November

If the dates mentioned fall on Sunday, then deadline will be on the day after (Monday)

  1. Fill out the iBuddy Application Form
  2. Submit or email the form to International Office no longer than the deadline announced. Please make sure that you have completed the application form otherwise we will not process it

Number of iBuddy can vary. It is based on the number of international students per semester. There is a possibility that one iBuddy will support more than 1 international student at a time but the maximum will be 3 students. You are able to indicate your preference on the application form.

  1. Application Submission
  2. Application Review
  3. Application Clarification: Interview
  4. Result Notification (will be sent through email)