Ayo Cuci Tangan was a social event held by BINUS Square Activist to increase public awareness about the importance of handwashing. This event was held on June 30th, 2019. Joined by twenty-one BINUS Square boarders, this event took place at Bundaran HI Car Free Day. This event aims to increase the social awareness of BINUS Square boarders with our current environment. Aside from that, this event also aims to strengthen the brotherhood of BINUS Square boarders.

Before the event took place, all the participants were having a brief with the committee on June 26th, 2019. This briefing was attended by participants, committee, and volunteers. This briefing is done so that the boarders have knowledge about what they are going to do in this event. We were having a presentation time and discussion time with the participants. We talked about how to be a good public speaker, how to approach people, and we share our experience with each other.

On the date, the event took place, participants, committee, and volunteers gather together at BINUS Square Exhibition Area on 05.15 A.M, we’re having a small briefing before we’re going to Bundaran HI Car Free Day. We went there at 06.00 A.M and arrived at 06.25 A.M. During the activity, all participants began approaching Car Free Day visitors to socialize the importance of handwashing. The participants talked about what’s the benefit of handwashing and at the end, we give them hand sanitizer liquid to wash their hand. This event last for three hours. After the clock hit 09.30 A.M, participants, committee, and volunteers went back to BINUS Square.

Despite the challenges that have been faced by the participants, we believe this event creates a stronger bond between boarders. We hope that all the activity that we’ve done in this event become memorable for those who joined and increase their soft skills in public speaking.