How to have an impact in global world?

How to have an impact in global world ?

Be impact! Probably we’ve heard it everywhere in a convention or seminar about the training of personal soft skills abilities. As a human being we should be an impact to others because it’s make our life useful at some point. And it’s God purpose for us that He create us to be an impact to one another in a positive way. It’s not an easy task to do. Especially when we didn’t have those kind of experience and we are afraid to try new things and get out from our comfort zone. But maybe we are not aware that we have already be an impact to others. Because we can’t see the result of the impact in a short period directly. It takes time and step-by-step process to really got the result when it comes to impact others.

To be an impact to others in just our community is not easy. Moreover in a global scope. To be an impact globally, we have to be an impact in our community first. Start with a small scope like in group of friends. We can be a good example for our friends so we can influence them in a positive way.  If our personalities and actions are can be a good example for the others then people around us can be influenced as well.

Second, in our organization. Organization is the key for us to impact others in so many way. There are lot of people in different backgrounds that have the same goals in an organization. We can be an impact to other person and we can also get an impact from them. As a leader to be an impact especially in our organization is important to solid the organization itself.

Third, in Global scope. There are lot of things that we can learn from the global scope. Because it’s different from our regular habit. We can share and exchange about our experience and culture and be impact to one another. We have to cross the boundaries and walls between ours and global culture. Daring to start first. Eager to know lot of things without wasting our time. Start form there, we can be an impact in a global scope.

To sum up, be an impact is a must. It’s not because we have to do it but because of the calling in ourselves that we want to be an impact to others in a positive way. And to get a global world, we have to start from the small scope first.


Eunike Gabriella (BINUSIAN-2018),
The Leader of STAMANARA (Seni Tari Mahasiswa BINA NUSANTARA),
Student Activity Unit – BINUS University