Learning Object: Simple Ways to Achieve Success in Your Study (ENG)

Simple Ways to Achieve Success in Your Study 

Dr. Meilani Hartono, S.Si., M.Pd. 

Head of Primary Teacher Education Department 

The term of “exam” has always been a scourge for students. The moment seems to be a determinant of all the struggles that have been passed during one semester. In fact, students realize that the nature of the exam as an evaluation and feedback is not only for students but also for the lecturers who deliver their material. Therefore, the exam no longer serves as the main determinant for students receiving good grades in their studyInstead, it becomes the basis of assessment for lecturers to provide the minimum standard of grading. 

In this part, what should students do to achieve good grades in college if it is not the main assessment material? Calm your mind. In this article, I will present some important things that must be fulfilled by students in college and what needs to be prepared when facing an exam. 

What should I do during the lecture? 

It turns out that most lecturers consider the lecture process as very important matter to assess students. This is according to Wawan (2003) in his journal titled “Utilization of Lecture Evaluation Results for Improving Higher Education Quality”in which he explains that lecturers can improve their learning process through in-depth observation, gathering feedback of the students learning process, and exploring knowledge of how the students learn. Thus, the lecture process will be very important for a lecturer. 

Here are some tips for your learning process to achieve a good grade: 

What should I do before and during the exam? 

Probably, you often feel that by following the lecture process properly, we will optimize the results. Note that satisfactory results are different with maximum results. Certainly, the word satisfactory can be interpreted as passing by getting a C score is satisfactory because it is considered to pass. However, is this the maximum result? We need to reflect on the significance of the Ascore, that we must think about the exact strategy to achieve the maximum score. 

Here are some ways that you must apply if you want to get the maximum results on exams and will surely satisfy! 

They say there is HOAX during lectures and exams? 

Currently, there are many students who still believe the wrong information and eventually could harm them while in universityThere is information that must be avoided and should not be trusted to get good results in study. These are the HOAX which often spread among students and need to be watched out for! 

Revision from the picture:
06 SUBMIT PAPER = PASSED à if you have a project task, by submitting the paper you will surely pass.

Reference : 

Wawan S.Suhennan.2003.Pemanfaatan Hasil Evaluasi Perkuliahan Untuk Perbalkan Mutu Perguruan Tinggi. Cakrawala Pendidikan.Volume 1. di akses pada: https://media.neliti.com/media/publications/87240-none-ad134c88.pdf pada tanggal 4 Mei 2020, pukul 13.21 


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